Must-Have: A Great Planner

With the technology that we have nowadays, who needs a planner? I do! I like being able to see my day, week, month all at once. It helps me plan life in a more efficient way. So with this said, I was in a hunt for a Great Planner! And I found one.

I searched and searched and Inkwell Press won. With great design and function, this was exactly what I was looking for. As a graphic designer, I fell in-love with the minimal design and color combos. But of course, it needed to have the functionality I was looking for. The planner has multiple tabs to help you organize your life. The best part is Tonya Dalton, Owner and Creator of Inkwell Press, sends you a 6 Step Video Tutorial on how to maximize the use of your brand new planner. I mean, I thought I was organized... wait till you watch her videos. 
I am now slowly filling-up my planner and what a feeling of accomplishment it is. I also like that the planners have places for goals. There's a place for everything and you make it your own.
Their planners are $54, which might sound pricey for some people but I think this price is quite reasonable especially for what you get.